Natural wood
exterior cladding

Facade panels emphasize the natural beauty found in real wood; its feel and natural warmth, while combining it with modern technology to create the perfect building envelope.

No maintenance

Facade panels are made to withstand the most demanding weather and environmental abuse.

Facade - Parklex

Reaction to Fire

The basic safety requirements reduce the risk of damage caused by accidental fire due to the characteristics of the project, construction, use and maintenance of the building to acceptable limits. In this sense, Parklex Facade reports the best possible results for organic materials and they have been issued with a code compliance report by ICC-ES.

Installation versatility

It can be installed as ventilated facade, as louvres or overlapping slats, on suspended ceilings, as soffits and on curved walls.

Facade - Parklex
Ultra-Low Maintenance

Ultra-Low Maintenance

The surface composition of Parklex products protects against adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment.

Reaction to Fire

Reaction to Fire

Facade reports the best possible results for organic materials in accordance with European and US regulations EN 13.501 and US ASTM/NFPA for reaction to fire, making it globally approved.

Ventilated Facade

Ventilated Facade

Permeability, water protection, thermal insulation, solar and acoustic protection.


96116 x 48132 inches

1664, 516, 2564, 1532, 3564, 4564, 2532, 5564 inches

Facade offers four different installation systems, making their adaptation to any architectural requirement easy. For more detailed information, refer to the Facade technical guide.

Quality Control of a panel installed in 2006 at the Parklex® headquarters in Bera, Navarra

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