Antibacterial Surface Protection

Parklex® panels eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria* within 24 hours, reducing the risk of bacterial surface transmission, preventing the build up of mould and extending the lifespan of your product.

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to increased awareness about surface contamination. Without sufficient antibacterial protection, germs can linger on surfaces and lead to build ups of mould, transmission of bacteria and deterioration of the material itself.

Our innovative production methods make Parklex® panels different. The silver ions that form part of their composition eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria* within a 24 hour period. A special resin inserted during the production process provides an inbuilt chemical resistance, so our natural wood finishes will not be damaged by cleaning products – as long as Parklex®’s standard cleaning and maintenance recommendations are followed.

COVID-19 Protection

The natural chemical resistance of Parklex® panels means they are protected against potential damage caused by alcohol-based cleaners, including those used to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Greater Lifespan

Preventing bacterial surface contamination extends the lifespan of our products. As antibacterial protection is a natural part of our products, rather than an additional coating, Parklex® panels are ingrained with longer lasting protection.

Tested & Certified

The antibacterial properties of our panels have been verified by independent regulators, with tests carried out to certify their effectiveness in eliminating 99.9% of surface bacteria*.

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