Wood Siding

We are pleased to present Nature siding, a pioneering rainscreen siding system which brings authentic, ultra-low maintenance wood to any climate.

Real wood with no need of restaining,
resealing, or repainting… ever.

The surface composition of Parklex® products protects wood against harsh weather conditions, eliminating the need for any restaining, resealing, or repainting before and after the material is installed.

Nature Siding - Parklex

Year-round comfort.

Nature siding is an efficient bioclimatic solution that provides thermal insulation, moisture drainage and proper ventilation. Unlike any untreated wood product, it won’t rot, crack or bend with persistent snow, heavy rains or hail, and  scorching summer months won’t change its tone or affect its aesthetics. It flawlessly withstands decay, mold, mildew and insect infestation.

Nature Siding - Parklex

Choose your siding pattern.

Nature Siding grooved panels are 8 mm thick, 2440 mm long, and are available in widths 188 mm or 290 mm. They can be installed over metal or wood substructures using three pattern options:

Nature Siding - Parklex

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