Matt surface for façades


Real wood without maintenance,
more natural than ever.

Our range for façades featuring Facade and Nature Siding panels provides maintenance-free wooden boards, combining the benefits of wood with the technical requirements necessary for long-term, optimum outdoor performance.

The great new development brought by the new Matt surface is that, without sacrificing any of the weather-resistant features, lack of need for maintenance, fire safety and versatile use inherent to Parklex® panels for façades, its matte appearance proves much more natural to the eye, both in the shade and when the sun shines on its surface.


No Maintenance

The surface composition of Parklex® products protects against adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment.

Reaction to Fire

Facade reports the best possible results for organic materials in accordance with European and US regulations EN 13.501 and US ASTM/NFPA for reaction to fire, making it globally approved.

Ventilated Facade

This installation method provides permeability, thermal insulation, water, solar and acoustic protection to the building and ensures an optimum performance in exteriors.

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